Vancouver Law Enforcement Detain Man Who Attempted to Run Over Antifa Protesters with His Truck

Police in Vancouver this evening cuffed and confined a man to a police vehicle after a Patriot Prayer rally when he almost ran his truck into a group of anti-fascist counter-protesters.

After a rally composed by the conservative gathering Patriot Prayer, anti-fascist protesters walked north into downtown Vancouver along Columbia Avenue.

A dark Chevy Silverado with Oregon plates and two huge American flags and a few little banners dangling from its windows (including a Confederate flag decal on the back window of the vehicle) drove up to the marchers. It was driving gradually down a road followed by individuals wearing dark coalition attire.

As the rally crowd separated to make room for the truck to move ahead, protesters filled the road behind it and began tossing rocks and water bottles at the truck.

The driver abruptly put his vehicle in reverse and accelerated toward the Antifa protesters. As he drove backward, individuals fled out of the road.

The driver kept on driving backward for about a block, finally stopping at the next intersection and began revving his motor.

The protesters shouted for everybody to clear the road and move to safety to get away from the truck, strolling down Sixth Avenue to Washington Street. But then the truck reappeared, cutting the marchers off.

A Vancouver police vehicle hauled up behind the truck, sirens booming, and the truck halted subsequently after taking a left-hand turn on Washington Street. The man, who couldn’t be immediately named was kept at the scene.

After the man was cuffed, a group called the “Proud Boys” drove down Columbia Avenue and doused pepper spray out their windows on the protesters in the road. The counter-protesters heaved rocks at their truck.

Police halted the Proud Boys, however, did not arrest them. After fifteen minutes they fled.

Apparently, they didn’t get far; reporters close-by say the Proud Boys collided with a police vehicle shortly after.

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