Main Suspect in Eagle Creek Fire is a Vancouver Teen

Oregon State Police say they are sure they’ve recognized the primary suspect in the case of the Eagle Creek Fire — a 15-year-old Vancouver kid — and are directing an intensive investigation concerning the reason for the catastrophic blaze that has been desolating the Columbia River Gorge since Saturday.

LEOs speculate firecrackers are at fault for lighting the Eagle Creek Fire, which has developed to more than 30,000 acres of land after joining with the Indian Creek Fire.

At this time, State Police have not made any arrests or presented any charges regarding the investigation, and they have not released the kid’s name.

The child, his family, and companions have been complying with the progressing investigation, OSP Capt. Bill Fugate said amid a public interview Wednesday.

Fugate said OSP got many tips Tuesday night, including photographs of the suspect and his “accomplices,” and other information.

“We are extremely confident that we have the right individual for this case that began the fire,” Fugate said. Be that as it may, he declined to remark on whether the teens confessed to setting off firecrackers in the woods.

Witnesses detailed seeing a young person toss a firecracker into Eagle Creek Canyon on Saturday.

Portland’s Liz FitzGerald, 48, revealed to The Oregonian/OregonLive on Tuesday that she was climbing to Punch Bowl Falls and was around 1/2 miles up the Eagle Creek Trail, which starts near Cascade Locks when she stumbled on a group of teens. She saw one of the young men hurl a “smoke bomb” into the gorge, she said.

FitzGerald claims she heard the kids’ companions, including a kid who was video-recording with his cell phone, chuckle as he dropped the firecracker off the bluff. She told the daily paper that she went up and approached the teenagers. However, they dismissed her and continued running. She said she reported what she saw to a U.S. Woodland Service officer.

Recordings posted via web-based networking media by different witnesses demonstrate state police were later talking two young men close to the Eagle Creek Trailhead.

Fugate told media that state police know about the video shot by the suspect’s friend. Video proof was seized, he stated, and specialists are directing an electronic investigation of those devices.


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