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City Five: June 9, 2017 – inVancouver.org

Take a few minutes to catch up on the latest news headlines from City Hall. From an approved action plan for community development grants to the ban on all fireworks in Vancouver city limits – these headlines and more in your latest City Five. Learn more here: www.cityofvancouver.us/cityfive

Plans Examiner & Planner – inVancouver.org

The City of Vancouver’s building and permitting services team prides itself on transparent, customer-oriented and quick processes! They ensure proposed buildings and future developments are safe, accessible and healthy according to City code. At the City of Vancouver, your career is more than a job. Explore open careers at www.cityofvancouver.us/jobs

Urban Forestry Outreach Coordinator – inVancouver.org

Our urban forest comprises all trees, shrubs and other vegetation within the City of Vancouver. Along with the Columbia River, trees are one of Vancouver’s most prominent natural features. Vancouver’s trees are not merely beautiful; the urban forest is critical to the healthful functioning of the city and greatly improves the quality of life for […]

School Resource Officer – inVancouver.org

A School Resource Officer works in local schools to mentor youth and support positive relationship with students, teachers, parents and the school community. They also support the reduction of juvenile crime and delinquency on campus and near schools. • The City of Vancouver is unlike anywhere else you might work. Explore open job opportunities at […]

Parking Enforcement Officer – inVancouver.org

Parking Enforcement Officers provide a service to residents and local businesses by ensuring turnover so that other customers can park. More customers mean more local business traffic and an improved downtown economy! The City of Vancouver looks for people who are passionate about serving and supporting a community for those who live, work and play […]

Building Inspector – inVancouver.org

Building inspectors provide inspection services for all construction projects taking place in Vancouver. These inspectors educate the community on fire and life safety and do what they can to help builders get their projects from A to Z while ensuring maximum safety and longevity. Want to be part of Vancouver’s vibrant future? Explore open jobs […]


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